Welcome to my WHOIS client :)
To run a query just append an domain/resource to the end of the url such as https://whois.cynthia.re/whois/cynthia.re or https://whois.cynthia.re/whois/AS57782.
Currently supported types of objects: domains, IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, ASNs, AS-SETs, RIPE Handles, ARIN Handles, AfriNIC Handles, LACNIC Handles, APNIC Handles, ISNIC Handles.
If you have any issues with this service, please email me at me@cynthia.re and I will try to fix it.
If you want this in raw text form then just replace /whois/ with /whoistxt/, although this may break non ASCII characters.

WHOIS Bookmark

Abuse inquiries: whois-abuse@cynthia.re
General inquiries: me@cynthia.re


Privacy: I temporarily store all IP addresses that make requests in order to find anyone who is potentially abusing this service, please email me at me@cynthia.re if you wish to get removed from the logs.
This service uses WHOIS2 which means that any .uk domain you query will get sent along with your IP address to Nominet, this is to increase the query limit.



Started work on version 2 of whois.cynthia.re.
Fixed .lc not working in production environment.


Added support for .lc. Try it out with nic.lc.


Added abuse contact, see above.


Fixed issues with cynthia.re, now this service is at https://whois.cynthia.re.


Added .ga support.


Added bookmark functionality, just drag the link above to your bookmark field and go to a website and click on it.


Moved domain, this WHOIS service will now be located at https://whois.cynthia.is although it will be available on here for the foreseeable future.


Now ARIN whois shows the full information for IP addresses, where as previously it was only basic information.
Fixed an issue with including the prefix length (such as /24) in the whois query would cause a 404.


Added support for ARIN referral servers, rwhois aswell as regular whois for ERX. Try it with (ERX whois) or (RWhois).


Added .gp support. Try it out with nic.gp.
Added .mo support. Try it out with monic.mo.


Added support for referral/registrar WHOIS servers.

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